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E-Bike MTB Cube STEREO HYBRID 160 HPC SLX 750 Carbon´n´Reflex bike

E-Bike MTB Cube STEREO HYBRID 160 HPC SLX 750 Carbon´n´Reflex bike

E-Bike MTB Cube STEREO HYBRID 160 HPC SLX 750 Carbon´n´Reflex bike


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File:CUBE Logo neu.svg - Wikipedia

Cube is a renowned bicycle brand known for its commitment to providing high quality and innovative bikes for a diverse group of riders. Cube was founded in 1993 in Waldershof, Germany, and has since gained worldwide recognition. The brand stands out not only for the solid construction of its bikes, but also for its attention to detail and modern design. Cube offers a wide range of bikes, including road, mountain, trekking, urban and electric models. Regardless of a cyclist's experience level, Cube aims to provide equipment that meets the needs of amateurs and professionals alike.

Cube STEREO HYBRID 160 HPC SLX 750 Carbon´n´Reflex MTB E-Bike.

Bosch-powered enduro bikes? Of course they do. The main frame of the Stereo Hybrid 160 HPC model, made of lightweight and durable carbon fiber, has been carefully planned to accommodate the Modular Battery System, including an impressive battery of up to 750 Wh, and an advanced fourth-generation Bosch drive unit. This model is available in a variety of sizes, meeting the needs of virtually every driving enthusiast.

Practicality is key, with a cleverly designed space for a bidon and easy access to the battery via an ergonomic button. Race-ready geometry, a Boost 148 rear end and a 1.5-inch steerer tube allow dynamic cut-and-paste line selection on demand, regardless of trail difficulty. With a trunnion shock mount, solid bearings in the linkages and internal cable routing, it guarantees minimal maintenance-related downtime while providing maximum fun on the trail. It's not just a bike, it's the perfect tool for anyone who wants to take on the challenges of the most demanding enduro trails.


The time has come for enduro. The Stereo Hybrid 160 HPC SLX 750 's combination of gravity ability and all-around trail prowess is a killer combo that rewrites the rules for electric mountain bikes. With power from Bosch and CUBE kinematics, this bike offers the range, handling and attitude to help you tackle any trail and come out on top.


  • C:62® Monocoque Advanced Twin Mold Technology
  • Aluminum 6061 T6 Rear Triangle
  • Efficient Trail Control, FSP 4-Link
  • Agile Trail Geometry
  • Boost 148
  • UDH™
  • Fully Integrated Battery
  • Advanced Internal Cable Routing


  • 27.5: S M L XL


  • Suspension Fork:

    • RockShox ZEB Select Charger RC
    • 15x110mm, Tapered, eMTB Approved
    • Stroke: 170mm
  • Damper:

    • RockShox Deluxe Select+
    • 205x65mm, Rebound Adjust
    • Trunnion Mount
    • Lockout function
  • Damper Equipment:

    • Top: 54mm Trunnion Mount
    • Bottom: 22.2x8mm


  • Brake System:

    • Shimano Deore BR-M6120
    • Hydr. Disc Brake (203/203)
  • Rear Derailleur:

    • Shimano XT RD-M8100-SGS
    • ShadowPlus, 12-Speed
  • Handlebars:

    • Shimano Deore SL-M6100-IR
    • Direct Attach
    • Rapidfire-Plus
  • Crank:

    • ACID E-Crank
    • Length: 165mm
    • Cog: 36T
  • Cassette:

    • Shimano Deore CS-M6100
    • Range: 10-51T
  • Chain:

    • Shimano CN-M6100
  • Chain Guide:

    • Reverse Flip-Guide E-Chain Guide.
    • Direct Mount
    • GEN4


  • Steering Bearings:

    • ACROS AZF-1035
    • ICR (Integrated Cable Routing)
    • BlockLock 120°
    • Top Zero-Stack 1 1/2" (ZS 56mm)
    • Bottom Zero-Stack 1 1/2" (ZS 56mm)
  • Bridge:

    • CUBE Performance Stem E-MTB
    • Diameter: 31.8mm
  • Handlebar:

    • Newmen Evolution SL 318.25
    • Length: 780mm
  • Grips:

    • ACID Disrupt
    • Soft Compound


  • Wheels:

    • Newmen Performance 30
    • 28/28 Spokes
    • Front Axle: 15x110mm
    • Rear Axle: 12x148mm
    • Tubeless Ready
  • Front Tire:

    • Maxxis Assegai
    • MaxxGrip/EXO+
    • Tubeless Ready
    • Size: 2.5 WT
  • Rear Tire:

    • Maxxis Minion DHR II
    • MaxxGrip/DoubleDown
    • Tubeless Ready
    • Size: 2.4 WT


  • Saddles:

    • Natural Fit Venec
  • Seatposts:

    • CUBE Dropper Post
    • Handlebar Lever
    • Internal Cable Routing
    • Diameter: 31.6mm


  • Color:

    • Carbon´n´Reflex
  • Weight:

    • 24,6 kg


The Efficient Trail Control series works invisibly, allowing everyone to have even more fun while riding. Thanks to its low gear ratio and linear compression ratio, the bike is extremely responsive, yet stable even during rapid acceleration, offering a wide range of shock travel.


The premise of the Boost 148 rear hub standard is based on the idea that a wider hub translates into increased wheel stiffness, which in turn improves handling. This standard makes it possible to widen the flange spacing, which allows for better performance without negatively affecting shifting precision or drivetrain efficiency. In other words, with this standard you can achieve higher speeds and better traverse difficult terrains because the wheels are more stable and resistant.


The transfer of transmission and brake cables from the handlebars to the frame has become more elegant and seamless thanks to an innovative design. The concept allows the cables to be routed correctly to the frame without punching holes in the headtube via the steerer bearings, preserving full internal cable routing.


TheAgile Trail geometry expands on the concept of the popular and well-received Agile Ride geometry, targeting the needs of those looking for a challenge. By lowering the cross section and increasing freedom of movement within the frame, a configuration has been created that rewards bold choices. The priority here is not only efficiency, but above all the satisfaction of having a great time while riding.


The innovative Fully Integrated Battery System places the Bosch battery out of sight, discreetly hidden in the lower frame tube. The encompassing cover effectively protects it from dust and splash, while also acting as an anti-theft device thanks to a lock. This sophisticated design allows for a frame that not only impresses with its elegance, but also offers excellent functionality.


The battery is, so to speak, the heart of the e-bike, affecting its functionality in a variety of ways. Thanks to the innovative Modular Battery System, an extremely usable configuration has been created. Seamless charging of the battery is possible both on the bike and when it is removed. In addition, space is provided for batteries with significant capacity, giving the user even more independence. It's a solution that will make you start to wonder how you managed without this convenience before.


Unifying the standard: Improving shifting performance and increasing the ease of changing derailleur mounts has now become much more accessible with the introduction of the Universal Derailleur Hanger. With a clever design that allows for some rotational play, eliminating chain jams, this standard works smoothly with all drivetrains. Above all, it's a standardized part that's universally available, making it easy for users to use regardless of location or circumstance.


The advanced Twin Mold process uses two precision-made molds to produce our C:62®, C:68® and C:68X® carbon frames. The first mold is responsible for the precise alignment of the fibers, while the second, internal mold ensures that each fiber maintains the correct position as the frame cures. This achieves a frame that is significantly lighter yet stronger, with fiber density tailored to the expected loads in specific areas. It's an advanced manufacturing approach that guarantees optimal frame performance with minimal weight.


PERFORMANCE LINE CX GEN.4 DRIVE SYSTEM - Survive your rhythm with Performance Line CX. Get the experience of intuitive control and an exceptional riding experience with a powerful and dynamic drive unit. It accompanies you in every challenge to make your driving experience in technically challenging terrain even more delightful. In a smart system, the drive unit is comprehensively integrated with the other components of the electric bike. With the eBike Flow app, you gain access to digital features such as activity tracking, bike lock and regular updates to the bike's software.


LED Remote connects your e-bike to the eBike Flow app. It makes it easy to access all your important ride data and is intuitive to use - your hands stay safely on the handlebars. Change riding modes, use smart assist functions and operate the display or ride screen on your smartphone. With our smart LED Remote system, it allows you to perform bike software updates yourself.

POWERTUBE 750 BATTERY: Bosch's most powerful battery, the PowerTube 750, is designed for long and demanding rides. With this battery, no steep mountains are a challenge and no route is too long. It's the perfect power source to meet even the most demanding challenges when riding an electric bike.


BOSCH 4A CHARGER: The 4A charger is a perfect solution with several advantages: it guarantees fast charging, is easy to use and looks attractive. Its compact and lightweight design makes it ideal for charging on the go, providing PowerPack Frame 545, 725 and PowerTube 500, 625, 750 batteries with the necessary energy in an extremely short time. It's a great option for easily charging batteries on the go.


Kiox 300 is a smart display created for sports adventure enthusiasts. This robust and advanced display is an indispensable companion during outdoor activities. Operation is intuitive with an LED or Mini remote control, and its compact design guarantees convenient use. Equipped with a moisture-proof, dust-proof and easy-to-read color screen, the Kiox 300 performs well even in harsh weather conditions.

It is fully integrated into the smart system, constantly providing new functions through the eBike Flow app. It's not just a display, it's a partner that enhances the quality of any sporting escapade, providing access to the information you need and making it easy to use the eBike system's features.

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