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E-Bike Cube Stereo Hybrid 120 SLX 750 Black`n`Metal bike

E-Bike Cube Stereo Hybrid 120 SLX 750 Black`n`Metal bikeE-Bike Cube Stereo Hybrid 120 SLX 750 Black`n`Metal bikeE-Bike Cube Stereo Hybrid 120 SLX 750 Black`n`Metal bikeE-Bike Cube Stereo Hybrid 120 SLX 750 Black`n`Metal bikeE-Bike Cube Stereo Hybrid 120 SLX 750 Black`n`Metal bikeE-Bike Cube Stereo Hybrid 120 SLX 750 Black`n`Metal bikeE-Bike Cube Stereo Hybrid 120 SLX 750 Black`n`Metal bikeE-Bike Cube Stereo Hybrid 120 SLX 750 Black`n`Metal bike
E-Bike Cube Stereo Hybrid 120 SLX 750 Black`n`Metal bike
E-Bike Cube Stereo Hybrid 120 SLX 750 Black`n`Metal bike
E-Bike Cube Stereo Hybrid 120 SLX 750 Black`n`Metal bike
E-Bike Cube Stereo Hybrid 120 SLX 750 Black`n`Metal bike
E-Bike Cube Stereo Hybrid 120 SLX 750 Black`n`Metal bike
E-Bike Cube Stereo Hybrid 120 SLX 750 Black`n`Metal bike
E-Bike Cube Stereo Hybrid 120 SLX 750 Black`n`Metal bike
E-Bike Cube Stereo Hybrid 120 SLX 750 Black`n`Metal bike

E-Bike Cube Stereo Hybrid 120 SLX 750 Black`n`Metal bike


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File:CUBE Logo neu.svg - Wikipedia

Cube is a renowned bicycle brand known for its commitment to providing high quality and innovative bikes for a diverse group of riders. Cube was founded in 1993 in Waldershof, Germany, and has since gained worldwide recognition. The brand stands out not only for the solid construction of its bikes, but also for its attention to detail and modern design. Cube offers a wide range of bikes, including road, mountain, trekking, urban and electric models. Regardless of a cyclist's experience level, Cube aims to provide equipment that meets the needs of amateurs and professionals alike.

Cube Stereo Hybrid 120 SLX 750 Black`n`Metal E-Bike
TheStereo Hybrid is not just a mountain bike, it is a true work of engineering, created with passionate cycling enthusiasts in mind. Its elegant frame hides intelligent solutions that will make your rides even more exciting. Powered by the popular Bosch system, the Stereo Hybrid features an innovative Modular Battery System that not only cleverly hides the battery, but also protects it from dust and water. This is ideal for those who want to enjoy the full power of the drive without worrying about weather conditions. Internal cable routing not only adds elegance, but also eliminates the need for cable holes in the steering tube. It's the details that make the Stereo Hybrid not only great looking, but also functional. The innovative four-link suspension system guarantees isolation from any bumps on the trail, ensuring a comfortable ride all day long. The Comfort geometry, combined with the stiffness-enhancing Boost 148 at the rear and the 1.5-inch steerer tube, ensures easy handling and precise steering. Thanks to the SizeSplit system, finding the perfect size becomes easier than ever, customizing the bike to each rider's individual preferences. The Stereo Hybrid isn't just about superior performance, it's also ready for a variety of challenges. Additional accessories, such as fenders, a rack or a stand, can be easily added, customizing the bike to suit your needs. Ready for virtually anything, the Stereo Hybrid isn't just a bike - it's your new tool for exploring unknown trails and experiencing adventures on a new level. Are you ready for this challenge? Stereo Hybrid certainly is!

Smart frame design and smooth power from Bosch combine in the Stereo Hybrid 120 SLX 750, equipped with a 750 Wh battery, which translates into an unparalleled range. All this together creates the potential for long excursions into vast terrain, with reliable components and a comfortable ride as the icing on the cake.


  • Superlite aluminum
  • Gravity Casting Technology
  • Effective Comfort Control
  • FSP 4-Link
  • Agile Comfort Geometry
  • Boost 148
  • Fully Integrated Battery
  • Advanced Internal Cable Management
  • Support/Mudguard/Baggage Carrier Mounting Places


  • Split Size: 27.5: S // 29: M L XL


  • Fox 34 Float AWL
  • 2-Position Sweep-Adjust RAIL Damper
  • Tapered
  • 15x110mm
  • Optimized for Electric Bikes
  • 120mm
  • Fox Float DPS EVOL
  • 185x55mm (27.5: 165x45mm)
  • Open/Medium/Hard mode
  • Trunnion mounting
  • Top: Trunnion mounting 54mm
  • Lower: 30x8mm


  • Shimano BR-MT520
  • Disc Brake Hydr.
  • (203/203)
  • Shimano XT RD-M8100-SGS
  • ShadowPlus
  • 12-speed
  • Shimano Deore SL-M6100
  • Rapidfire-Plus
  • ACID E-Crank
  • 38T
  • 170mm
  • Shimano Deore CS-M6100
  • 10-51T
  • Shimano CN-M6100


  • ACROS AZF-1035
  • ICR (Integrated Cable routing)
  • BlockLock 120°
  • Upper Zero-Stack 1 1/2" (ZS 56mm)
  • Lower Zero-Stack 1 1/2" (ZS 56mm)
  • CUBE Performance Stem E-MTB
  • 31.8mm
  • Newmen Evolution SL 318.25
  • 760mm
  • ACID Hybrid Perform


  • Newmen Performance 30
  • 28/28 Spokes
  • 15x110mm/12x148mm
  • Ready for tubeless assembly
  • Schwalbe Smart Sam, Performance, 2.6


  • Natural Fit Sequence
  • CUBE Dropper Post
  • Steering Lever
  • Internal cable routing
  • 30.9mm


  • Black-Metallic
  • 25,9 kg



The battery is, so to speak, the heart of the e-bike, affecting its functionality in various ways. Thanks to the innovative Modular Battery system, an extremely usable configuration has been created. Seamless charging of the battery is possible both on the bike and when it is removed. In addition, space is provided for batteries with significant capacity, giving the user even more independence. It's a solution that will make you start to wonder how you managed without this convenience before.


The innovative Fully Integrated Battery System places the Bosch battery out of sight, discreetly hidden in the lower frame tube. The encompassing cover effectively protects it from dust and splash, while also acting as an anti-theft device thanks to a lock. This sophisticated design allows for a frame that not only impresses with its elegance, but also offers excellent functionality.


The transfer of transmission and brake cables from the handlebars to the frame has become more elegant and seamless thanks to an innovative design. The concept allows cables to be routed correctly to the frame without punching holes in the headtube via the steerer bearings, preserving full internal cable routing.


The premise of the Boost 148 rear hub standard is based on the idea that a wider hub translates into increased wheel stiffness, which in turn improves handling. This standard makes it possible to widen the flange spacing, which allows for better performance without negatively affecting shifting precision or drivetrain efficiency. In other words, with this standard you can achieve higher speeds and better traverse difficult terrains because the wheels are more stable and resistant.


The Gravity Casting method involves molding liquid aluminum into complex shapes, which produces as a result very strong structures capable of effectively absorbing stresses. Thanks to this technology, we are able to create drivetrain mounts for our Hybrid series of bicycles that can handle all loads perfectly, without adding unnecessary weight or compromising on strength.


Add-ons such as a stand, fenders or luggage rack can significantly increase the functionality of a CUBE bike. We created the mounting points in such a way that they blend perfectly with the line of the frame, practically becoming invisible. Despite their unobtrusiveness, they guarantee easy, solid and secure mounting of any accessories you may need in the future.


TheAgile Trail geometry expands on the concept of the popular and well-received Agile Ride geometry, targeting the needs of those looking for a challenge. By lowering the cross section and increasing freedom of movement within the frame, a configuration has been created that rewards bold choices. The priority here is not only efficiency, but above all the satisfaction of having a great time while riding.


To ensure a perfect fit for different heights, an innovative SizeSplit system has been introduced. For shorter people, smaller 27.5-inch diameter wheels have been used to design a proportional frame that guarantees a comfortable ride while maintaining maneuverability and stability. For taller people, a diverse range of frames has been prepared, dedicated to larger 29-inch wheels. Whichever option you choose, a perfect fit is assured, making your bike seem custom-made for you.

E-BIKE SYSTEM on the bike

PERFORMANCE LINE CX GEN.4 DRIVE SYSTEM - Survive your rhythm with Performance Line CX. Get the experience of intuitive control and an exceptional riding experience with a powerful and dynamic drive unit. It accompanies you in every challenge to make your driving experience in technically challenging terrain even more delightful. In a smart system, the drive unit is comprehensively integrated with the other components of the electric bike. With the eBike Flow app, you gain access to digital features such as activity tracking, bike lock and regular updates to the bike's software.


LED Remote connects your e-bike to the eBike Flow app. It makes it easy to access all your important ride data and is intuitive to use - your hands stay safely on the handlebars. Change riding modes, use smart assist functions and operate the display or ride screen on your smartphone. With our smart LED Remote system, it allows you to perform bike software updates yourself.

POWERTUBE 750 BATTERY: Bosch's most powerful battery, the PowerTube 750, is designed for long and demanding rides. With this battery, no steep mountains are a challenge and no route is too long. It's the perfect power source to meet even the most demanding challenges when riding an electric bike.


BOSCH 4A CHARGER: The 4A charger is a perfect solution with several advantages: it guarantees fast charging, is easy to use and looks attractive. Its compact and lightweight design makes it ideal for charging on the go, providing PowerPack Frame 545, 725 and PowerTube 500, 625, 750 batteries with the necessary energy in an extremely short time. It's a great option for easily charging batteries on the go.


Kiox 300 is a smart display created for sports adventure enthusiasts. This robust and advanced display is an indispensable companion during outdoor activities. Operation is intuitive with an LED or Mini remote control, and its compact design guarantees convenient use. Equipped with a moisture-proof, dust-proof and easy-to-read color screen, the Kiox 300 performs well even in harsh weather conditions.

It is fully integrated into the smart system, constantly providing new functions through the eBike Flow app. It's not just a display, it's a partner that enhances the quality of any sporting escapade, providing access to the information you need and making it easy to use the eBike system's features.

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