Shipping and returns

1. The Seller sends goods purchased for the payment on delivery of goods or the payment by the Customer's prepayment to the Seller's bank account.
2. Shipping cost will be paid by the Customer.
3. The delivery time takes up to 5 days. If the order was made prior to the day off from work or on holiday (Saturday, Sunday, holidays), the time is longer by a number of days of public holidays. If the order was made after 12.00, shipping time is longer by about 12 hours.
4. The Customer has also right to choose payment method.
5. Choice of delivery entity is to be chosen by the Customer.

6. Order shipping conditions with courier:
- Cost of insured shipment via UPS, weighing up to 32 kg is 12,99 PLN for prepayment, or 15,99 PLN for payment on delivery.
- Cost of insured shipment via DHL, weighing up to 32 kg is 12,99 PLN for prepayment, or 15,99 PLN for payment on delivery.
- The Seller takes full responsibility for shipping by courier.
- In the absence of a Customer, the courier leaves advice with information when and where to pick up the package. Advised delivery is made free of charge. Any next attempt to serve the package is paid. These costs shall be paid by the Customer. In case of unsuccessful delivery attempts, the goods will be returned to the Sellers' store. The re-delivery of goods will be possible after payment of costs arising from the refund.

7. Order shipping conditions via Polish Post (Poczta Polska):
- Cost of parcel shipment is 13,49 PLN for prepayment, or 17,00 PLN for payment on delivery (up to 5 kg parcel).
- Cost of e-przysyłka shipment is 8,50 PLN for prepayment, or 10,50 PLN for payment on delivery.

8. Orders shipping conditions via Paczkomaty InPost:
- Cost of shipment is 7,99 PLN for prepayment, or 7,99 PLN plus a surcharge of 1.8% of the contract value not less than 3,50 PLN for payment on delivery.
- Maximum size of parcel are: 41cm x 38cm x 64 cm. 
- If the package is bigger than the maximum size, seller will contact to change the shipping method.

9. Orders shipping conditions via personal collection:
- For personal collection are not added additional charges.
- Seller provides a personal collection of goods at its premises from Monday to Friday: 9.00 - 17.00 (by prior arrangement).

1. Shipping costs are calculated automatically based on UPS rates based on the destination.
2. Foreign shipments are delivered in 1 to 7 working days from the date of dispatch. Seller sends a shipment to European Union countries such as Czech Republic, Germany, Slovakia, Austria, Hungary, Belgium, Denmark, Estonia, France, Netherlands, Lithuania, Latvia, England, Finland, Spain, Slovenia, Sweden, Italy, Greece, Ireland, Portugal. International equipment is sent up to weight of 32 kg. With foreign shipments it is not possible to pay the courier upon receipt.

1. Costs of shipping goods free from defects is covered by the Seller.
2. The condition for considering complaint by the Seller is to attach to the complaint a copy of proof of purchase.
3. In the case of an unjustified complaint, or damage by the fault of the user, all costs are paid by the Customer.