Loyalty Card

To get a loyalty card make a purchase on the Bikestacja.pl of a minimum 500zł.

% rabat za obrót

  1. Guarantee lower prices for regular customers - we offer three kinds of discounts:
    1. Discount for order value - is awarded based on the value of purchases made in our store and is valid on all products available in the offer. The amount is determined as follows discounts:
      • from 500zł to 999,99zł - 1%
      • from 1000zł to 1999,99zł - 2%
      • from 2000zł to 2999,99zł - 3%
      • from 3000zł to 3999,99zł - 4%
      • from 4000zł to 4999,99zł - 5%
      • 5000zł and more - 6% 

    2. Discount manufacturers - for many brands present in our store assigned the appropriate discount pricing. Its height is at a level of 3% to as much as 15% depending on the margins on which we are working on the case. This discount is available to any customer who just crossed the threshold of the lowest purchasing, or 500zł, and combined with a general discount.

    3. Discount for groups of goods - regularly organize promotional campaigns on various commodity groups, such as helmets, gears and shoes. This action is directed only to loyalty card holders. In this way, you can get additional discounts of up to 10%, which combined with previous discounts. 

* These discounts do not apply to products which at the moment are in a special promotional offer. Such products have crossed the old price and the next placed special price.

  • Low price guarantee on "everything" - having a discount card customer has the right to obtain the lowest possible price for the product, which in the present moment there is a market. In contrast to "normal" promotions that apply in our shop (specially marked products), this price protection applies to all products available in our range. We are thinking of online stores offer professional cycling that apart from the price shown in the offer, you really have the product available in the store, not just virtually. Guarantee does not apply to the discount offers based on auction sites (such as Digg or eBay).

  • Guarantee fast service - each client immediately after joining the system becomes a privileged client, allowing much faster handled in most cases. This is inter alia because the same system automatically takes care of a lot of things (for example, you do not have to prepare special pricing, which also has the added anticipation of the response). In addition, all of our crew is asked to matters related to regular customers to resolve as a priority.


How can you proceed to the discounts system?

Just make purchases in the minimum amount of 500zł gross (not necessarily a time and without limit in time), the rest will take care of our automated system.

The granting of discounts to customers thresholds once a day. To speed up the implementation of the rebate, the card is only a form of virtual and is not sent physically. All necessary information are collected and processed in our databases.